The Legions of the Barnyard have long fought a war of dominance, each training in their own style of battle. And now, with Farmer MacDonald away to visit family, the fences are being torn down and the Legions are preparing for the ultimate showdown.

Find out more about the The Republic of Ram, The Porklite Phalanx, The Celtucky Chickens, and the Bovikings.



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Game Play

The rules of Barnyard Legions are simple. On your turn, you get two actions, and if you discard a card you get a third. To win, you need 5 cards in a row, and if you run out of cards in your deck, you're eliminated from the game. Sounds simple, right? It is!

Players start the game with 5 cards from their own Legion deck, and 3 from the common deck, which is made up of a combination of cards from all the Legions and the uniquely aggressive Mercenary cards.

At the top of every turn (except the first one) players all draw a card from their Legion deck. Then, each player takes his turn. On a player's turn, he will take his two free actions (followed by a third action if he discards a card). Those actions can be one of the following:

  • Turn a facedown card face up.
  • Draw one card from his Legion deck or two from the common deck.
  • Play a card from his hand, either placing a Unit/Hero card on the Barnyard, or playing a Tactic card, which usually has a one-use ability on it.
  • Take an action with a Unit. This last one is where the real game is, as each Unit possesses a special action ability. Units can either move a single space, maybe into the winning slot, or if a Unit is not passive, a player can use the ability on the Unit's card to affect the game through manipulation and outright attacks.

The first Legion to get 5 cards in a row, wins!

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