Our Kickstarter is live!

The Barnyard Legions have begun to rally and prepare for the coming month of battles.

Will you cut off those that try to get "a-head" as the Celtucky Chickens? Will you bull over your opponents with the Bovikings? Will you throw your weight around with the guidance of the Bacontheon of the Porklite Phalanx? Or will your followers flock to you in the Republic of Ram?

Support us on Kickstarter as we make this game a reality.

Begins April 15

Looking for information regarding Barnyard Legions?

Look no further! Go to our Barnyard page for important information regarding each Legion.

Kickstarter Avatars

Here are some pictures you can use for your Avatar on Kickstarter when you support Barnyard Legions.

Right-click on any image and save the file, then go into Kickstarter and use the image as your avatar.

Have fun!

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